Tamiya (left) - Tacara (right)


Meet the Mother/Daughter Duo Changing the Way We Think of Grief!

Unfortunately, 8 year old Tamiya is no stranger to the grief. Just 3 1/2 weeks prior to Tamiya's arrival, her father Michael's life was cut short due to senseless gun violence in the city of Detroit.   

Understanding the hardships and difficulties that their daughter may face, in 2015, Tamiya's mother Tacara (Licensed Clinical Therapist and Trauma Expert) decided to take a stand against gun violence. She used her pain to fuel a purpose and began creating an outreach program to assist child homicide survivors with coping with the loss and healing from their trauma. Miracles to Inspire Change and Healing After Experiencing Loss was birthed from the sudden/unexpected death of Michael and continues to touch many lives around the world.

It has truly been a journey.  Throughout the most difficult time of their lives,  Tacara and Tamiya found peace in honoring Michael's life and legacy.  They then realized that creating different memorial items truly helped in their healing process.  Tacara and Tamiya thought on how helpful it would be for their fellow grievers as well...so from this, the Grief Shop ® was formed:  A specialty shop for all of your memorial needs.

From the M.I.C.H.A.E.L Org, to Grief Geeks, and now The Grief Shop ®, over the years, this Mother Daughter Duo have been able to fulfill a greater need within their community by providing a safe space for grievers to build relationships, gain support, boost awareness, educate themselves, honor their loved ones, and find purpose in their pain.



To be so young, Tamiya has found a passion for grief work.  She wants to help children who may have felt feelings similar to her own. Tamiya is taking it to the next level and believes her series of Children's Grief Reading/Coloring books could help children around the world.

Stay tuned